About The Trust

The ‘Sushilabai Nanasaheb Deo Charitable Trust’ founded by well-known film and television personality Shri Ajinkya Deo, was started in 2010-2011. So far, it is largely a family trust. The other trustees are Shri Ramesh Deo, Smt Seema Deo, Abhinay Deo, Arti Deo and Rucha Ambekar. The trust was started with a view to give back to society, in some measure, all the love and adulation that the family has received over the years from the people of the country and Maharashtra in particular. The focus of the trust has always been on helping children with special needs.

Sushilabai Nanasaheb Deo Charitable Trust

Having a special child in the family gave the Deo’s the unique opportunity to understand the trials and tribulations faced by parents and family members and understand the child better.

In a bid to help their daughter, Ajinkya and Arti travelled across three continents before zeroing in on the Family Hope Center and the Institutes for Achievement of Human Potential. Both these organizations are based in Philadelphia, USA and are inspired by the work of late Dr. Glen Doman.

Ajinkya and Arti have both attended over 200 hours of lectures on principles and techniques used to help special needs children. The school was started with the express view of making use of all the knowledge that they had gathered over the past six years for the benefit of other children with special needs. Shri Uddhav Thakeray, who believed in Ajinkya’s cause, made it possible for the trust to get the building for the school from the BMC. The building was allotted in April 2012. In a short span of three months, all the infrastructure was put in place and the school started operations in July 2012. All the funds required for the basic infrastructure were contributed by the trustees, the family company and by family and friends.