Communication Skills

Language and communication skills include the ability to understand others (i.e., receptive language) and express oneself (i.e., expressive language) using words, gestures, or facial expressions.

Communication is fundamental to a child’s development and it’s essential for learning, play and social interaction. Communication skills are generally impacted in some way or the other in most children with special needs. Breathing, specifically exhaling, is extremely important for speech. Often, children with special needs have difficulty speaking because their breathing is extremely shallow. We use techniques like Reflex bags and Respiratory Patterning to help improve breathing which results in improved speech.

Sometimes, it is the time required for processing that hinders a child’s communication. We give the children ample time and opportunity to express themselves. In order to enhance and improve communication at the Academy we give choices and options for the child to choose from, use keywords, be clear in our instructions, give prompts, motivate and most importantly make it fun!

Various activities like Picture Talk, ABT, Show and Tell, Games, all create a fertile ground for communication.