Pet Therapy

Interaction with animals is scientifically proven to help cope with a variety of difficulties including self-restraint, anxiety and alienation. Other therapies that are focused on the child, make the child conscious; whereas, in pet therapy the prime focus is on the pet, thereby making the child feel more comfortable.

Pet therapy results in physical, emotional, social and cognitive improvements. Petting animals promotes the release of serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin, hormones that help lift the mood and promote feelings of wellbeing.

The pet therapy sessions at the Academy are casual and directed towards seeking comfort and enjoyment from spending time with our pet dog. The benefits from this therapy are increased levels of motivation, confidence, literacy skills as well as reduced self-restraint, loneliness and anxiety.

Our children learn the importance of hygiene, increase sitting tolerance, turn taking, and even motor skills are worked upon effectively and easily. The pet therapy sessions are conducted once a week and the children love and look forward to them with enthusiasm and anticipation.