Ms Rinku Bhatia

She is the Head Teacher at the Academy of Learning and Development. In her extensive career of 25 years, Rinku Bhatia, has worked as a special educator in a special school and a resource teacher in a mainstream school. She has also trained children with special needs in life skills and vocational skills. She has designed and conducted interactive and fun summer workshops for children with special needs. She firmly believes in the philosophy that 'everyone shines; given the right lighting'. Her strength lies in the ability to see the positive side in any situation and this is what helps her to identify possibilities where others perceive problems.

True to her philosophy, she shines a light on everyone and everything at the Academy. Her pleasing personality and approachability make it very easy for parents and staff to confide in her and seek her advice. As Head Teacher she makes sure that the school runs smoothly and efficiently, and has made it a second home for the children. 

Ms. Rinku Bhatia, B.Ed. Special Education, M. A (English Literature), Diploma in the Education of the Physically Handicapped, Diploma in Integrative Counselling, Arts Based Therapist, Counsellor (Head Teacher)

Ms. Anita Pund Dulam

She has been with the Academy for more than 7 years and her dedication, sincerity and resourcefulness is evident in all the tasks assigned to her. She has a cheerful disposition and her willingness to go beyond the call of duty make her a valuable asset to the Academy.

Ms. Anita Pund Dulam, B.A, Diploma in Special Education (MR)

Ms. Leena Vichare

She has an unassuming and gentle way that instantly puts the children at ease. Her willingness to learn and explore different methods of teaching make her an effective and sincere teacher who allows the child to take his/ her time to achieve the set goal with minimal instruction and maximum motivation.

Ms. Leena Vichare, B.Ed. in Special Education (HI)

Mr. Pramod Baikar

His determination and dedication towards his work is hidden behind an easy going attitude that helps him to connect and engage with the children and achieve targeted goals in a playful way. His creativity and aesthetic sense is evident in all the art and craft activities that are conducted at the Academy.

Mr. Pramod Baikar, B.A (Economics/ History)

Mr. Kallan Prajapati

His attention to detail and emphasis on discipline is what makes him stand out at the Academy. He is very goal oriented and his teaching learning style reflects that. His ability to create a structured routine and provide a disciplined yet safe space for the children helps them perform better and deliver positive results consistently and effectively.

Mr. Kallan Prajapati, B.A, Diploma in Special Education (MR)

Mrs. Bharati Sangekar

She has the unique ability to connect with children and adults alike. Her willingness to learn and improve her skills is commendable and she essays the varied roles of admin staff, teacher to the children and a confidant to the teachers with élan. Her nurturing instincts are a valuable tool that calm children when they’re upset or disturbed.

Mrs. Bharati Sangekar, B. Com, Diploma in Pre-Primary Education (Admin)

   Visiting Faculty

Sunila Apte

Sunila Aaji, as she is fondly called by the children at the Academy, is a vivacious, vibrant and loving person who conducts Music Therapy classes with the children. Children and staff look forward to her sessions and she has this unique and endearing ability to make everyone feel special and that’s what makes her so Special. Her childlike enthusiasm and joie de vivre is infectious and brightens up the entire Academy.

Sunila Apte (Music Teacher)

Devanshi Desai

Devanshi is an Animal Behaviourist and Trainer, who comes to school once a week, to conduct Animal Assisted therapy with the children. Her insightful observations and understanding of behaviours help her identify therapeutic goals that need to be worked upon during the sessions. Children love pet therapy and look forward to her sessions. 

Devanshi Desai (Pet therapy)

   Teaching Assistants

Pooja Bhandari & Payal Bhandari

Pooja and Payal are twins who work at the Academy as Teaching Assistants. They are special needs adults who have been trained to work along with the teachers and they do that with patience and sincerity. They are responsible and reliable young girls who love what they do and provide valuable assistance to the teachers.

Pooja Bhandari & Payal Bhandari

   Support Staff

Bharti Reddy

Bharti Mausi, as she is lovingly called by children and staff alike, is the backbone of the Academy. She singlehandedly manages to ensure that the school premises are clean, the dishes are washed and the children are cleaned and their clothes changed when they soil their clothes and she does all this and more, with a smile. She loves the children and her work and that is evident in the way she goes through the day, smiling and humming as she works tirelessly.

Bharti Reddy