Creative Team

Arya Deo & Yug Deo

Arya and Yug are the next generation in Ramesh Deo Production Pvt. Ltd. and they bring in fresh and innovative ideas to the table.

Arya has chosen to stay behind the camera and has directed several short films, one of which was selected for screening at the prestigious London Independent Film Award (LIFA) Festival in 2017. “Metanoia” was awarded the Best Film in the Foreign Short Films category.

Yug has chosen to be a cinematographer and has been working with Arya at the company. The youngest in the family, he has an impressive portfolio of photographs and a keen eye and a unique perspective on the everyday which is seen through his photography.

They come in to shoot videos and making short films of the children and the activities that are done at the Academy. It’s always a pleasure to have them at school as they go about their work discreetly and manage to get the most endearing and engaging shots of the children at work and play.  

Arya Deo & Yug Deo


Atul Joshi

One of the earliest members of Ramesh Deo Production Pvt. Ltd. (RDP), Atul Joshi is a part of the core RDP team. He joined RDP in the year 2000 and serves as a Director of the Company where he manages the finance and administrative departments. In his capacity as Director of Finance, Atul deals with all matters of taxation, accounting, corporate secretarial work, investment planning and is involved in strategic corporate decisions.

Atul is a Commerce degree holder from Mumbai University and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. His Mathematical Proficiency and Attention to detail make him an asset to the company.

In the little time that he can spare from his work at RDP and the Academy, Atul pursues his passions for cricket, cars and photography. 

Atul Joshi


Ms. Sajjala Moghe

Sajjala has a lot of experience working with educational institutions and she brings that expertise to her work at the Academy. Despite her busy work schedule and demanding commitments, she manages to make time to volunteer at school and work on the accounts on a regular basis. Extremely meticulous, she imparts valuable input and suggestions and is an enthusiastic and proactive person. She ensures that all the school and trust accounts are in order and up to date.

Ms. Sajjala Moghe, B. Com, M. Com, Master’s in Financial Management


Dr. Shraddha Samant-Kund

Dr. Shraddha Samant-Kund, a homeopath and an expert nutritionist is the owner of ULTRAWELLNESS CLINIC. She has been practicing Homeopathy since 12 years and for the last 11 years has also been practicing nutrition and dietetics and runs an obesity clinic where she offers dietary solutions to manage various diseases and metabolic disorders like diabetes and hormonal problems, pediatrics nutrition etc. She also has very valuable experience with managing the diet for children who are specifically following the Glen Doman program.

Dr. Shraddha Samant-Kund, BHMS, PG (Homeopathy) London, PGD (DIET & NUTRITION), C.G.O(GYNEC AND OBS), C.C.H