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The Academy of Learning and Development aims at providing a holistic approach in catering to the diverse and dynamic needs of special children. At the Academy, we strive to provide for the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of the children so that the child is able to achieve his or her fullest potential. The goal is to ensure that each child, with his/her specific areas of strength and skill set, is able to lead a meaningful life. At all times, the final goal is to integrate the child with special needs into society as seamlessly as possible.



To achieve independence for every special needs child through his/her holistic development.



We believe in giving every child a chance to succeed by presenting the brain with optimal conditions for growth.


We believe that the brain learns through differentiation, so we try to provide the brain with stimulation in a variety of ways. The approach is not just to “manage” the child, but to draw out the full potential of the child by tapping the brain’s immense capacity to learn and integrate. We believe in connecting with the child.




Academy of Learning and Development - A project for 'special children' by Sushilabai Nanasaheb Deo Charitable Trust.