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The Academy is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and facilities. The school program caters to the needs of children as young as few months to young adults. At all times, the focus is on the holistic development, i.e. the Physiological, Physical, Intellectual and Social development of the special needs child.

The Academy is a school with a difference... a place where we believe in making a difference.



  • Wheel Chair Accessibility

  • Elevator

  • Dust-free Environment
    The halls at the Academy are air conditioned and have air purifiers, this ensures that the children are in a clean and dust free environment.

  • Clean and Hygienic facilities
    The halls are swept and swabbed thrice a day and no foot wear is allowed in the school building.





  • Inclined Floor
    Children who are immobile and cannot crawl on the flat surface are put on an inclined slope so that gravity acts as their friend and helps them move forward with the slightest of movement on the child's part. This sends a message to the brain that moving the limbs helps in moving forward.



  • Brachiation Ladder
    The brachiation ladder is popularly known as overhead monkey bars. Brachiating helps improve manual dexterity and helps expand the chest.





  • Gravity-free Environment
    Here the child is securely fastened and suspended in mid air and made to sway in different directions. This helps improve spatial awareness and is the first step towards jumping, hopping and doing cart wheels.

  • Creeping & Crawling Tracks
    Creeping and crawling helps develop the mid brain. The tangible outcome of creeping and crawling is improved comprehension and convergence of vision. The direct impact of this is that the children begin to read.

  • Medullary Board

  • Patterning Tables
    Patterning acts as a passive brain surgery and helps in reducing brain related issues. It helps in attainment of normality of physical, intellectual and social growth in children with brain injuries. It also improves their physical and cognitive skills.




  • Respiratory patterning machine
    Respiratory Patterning Machine assists the child in improvement of their vocalization, tone, range, and volume. It increases concentration and focus and helps the child in activities that require co-ordination. It enhances mood and emotions of the child and calms them down.
    The machine provides a gentle rhythmic squeeze that feels like a hug, repeatedly. It is very relaxing.

    BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy is an established procedure that uses stimulation signals to pace up the inadequate movement of the smallest blood vessels; capillaries, which in turn improves the supply and disposal of tissue and organ cells. BEMER improves restricted blood flow in the smallest blood vessels and thereby support the body's own self-healing and regeneration processes. It is only with the help of this supply and disposal processes that the body’s cells can perform their various life-sustaining tasks and provide the body with energy. The use of this therapy has achieved documented success in both the prevention of peripheral arterial disease and the improvement in the condition in its early stages by improving microcirculation.

Academy of Learning and Development - A project for 'special children' by Sushilabai Nanasaheb Deo Charitable Trust.