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Do you follow any particular program in the school?
Dr. Glen Doman is our source of inspiration. We draw strongly from his teachings. They form the base on which we have built to incorporate various other techniques and adapted them all into a school setting.

What do you do at the school? How is it different from other special schools?
At the academy, we put the child through a rigorous, tailored daily program that aims at the holistic development of the child. We do not focus only on academics. Our objective is the all-round development of the child. Our focus is on first raising the abilities of the child and then teaching the child.

Would you also work on speech and language development?
Activities such as crawling, masking, respiratory patterning and reading help enhance and develop speech along with language.

What would be the student:teacher ratio?
The ratio will be one special educator to 2 or 3 children along with either one or two assistants depending on the abilities and requirements of the child. The student:staff ratio is practically 1:1.

What is the age criterion for admissions?
There is no specific age criterion. However the younger the child when s/he starts the program the better the results.

Children with what kind of disabilities would best benefit from this program?
The program focuses on neuroplasticity and brain development. A child suffering from any kind of brain injury will benefit from this program. Children with autism, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, gdd, pdd, add, adhd, hyperactivity; all stand to gain from this program.

How long will we have to conduct this program to see results in my child?
Depending on the intensity and severity of the brain injury the time taken for results to show, will vary from child to child. Cleary a child with mild brain injury will show results quicker than a child with severe brain injury.

How would you evaluate and assess my child’s progress?
We will be evaluating your child, at the start of the year, on a diagnostic chart along with a video recording of your child’s initial abilities. Daily records, of your child’s activities, along with his performance will be maintained. We will re-evaluate your child every six months and modify his/her program accordingly.

What would my child’s daily schedule be like?
The day will be divided into ˝ hour slots during which activities such as creeping, crawling, masking, patterning, brachiation, reflex training, sensory integration, reading, respiratory patterning, knowledge development etc. Will be conducted. A regular day will begin with assembly and prayers, followed by activities till lunch time. After this once again activities will happen till snack time. And the students will disperse after end of day activities and evening prayers.

How will the program progress for my child? 
The individual program for your child will totally depend on the results of our evaluation. Depending on the area of the brain needing stimulation, activities will be planned and executed.

If the child has no allergies, even then should the academy’s planned diet be followed?
Following the specified diet will help enhance the effect of the program; gluten and casein are very difficult to digest and are also known to cause neurological problems. Hence it is best to avoid them. We also strongly recommend avoiding processed food items and sugar as a general rule.

What curriculum does the institute follow?
The institute follows the curriculum mentioned by Pratham. There are three levels;
Level A: equivalent to 3rd grade,
Level B; equivalent to 5th grade, and
Level C; equivalent to 8th grade.
The examinations will be held by Pratham & NIOS board which will analyse the basic knowledge of the concepts.

What is Pratham?
Pratham is an innovative learning organization created to improve the quality of education in India. As one of the largest non-governmental organizations in the country, Pratham focuses on high-quality, low-cost, and replicable interventions to address gaps in the education system.

What is IEP?
We follow IEP (Individualised Education Program) which is customised to cater to the individualistic needs of the students per their skill set, abilities and their areas of interest.




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