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Celebration of festivals

All the festivals are celebrated with equal pomp and splendour at the Academy. The children look forward to these days with enthusiasm and anticipation. The preparation for the celebrations begins weeks in advance and all the activities are based on the specific festival and celebration. The mood is very lively and upbeat with everyone participating in the celebration with gaiety and enthusiasm.


Teacher's Day

On Teacher's Day the children came dressed up as teachers. It was a happy celebration where the children expressed what they feel for their teachers in their own special way, some children got flowers, some made personalised gifts and some made cards. It was a beautiful celebration for both, the children and staff.


Independence Day

The children came dressed in traditional clothes of the different states of India depicting the cultural diversity of India. The children looked beautiful dressed up in Punjabi, Maharashtrian, Tamilian, Gujarati and other traditional clothes. There were performances by the children, for which they had rehearsed for weeks with their teachers. After the flag hoisting the children sang the National anthem and then they sang patriotic songs along with their teachers. The mood was very jubilant and enthusiastic.


Diwali Celebration

The Diwali celebration was a vibrant and dazzling affair at the Academy. The children were dressed in all their festive finery for the celebration. The children were ecstatic as they made beautiful rangoli, lit diyas and burst firecrackers. The parents were a part of this festive occasion and the fireworks were followed by a sumptuous dinner that was enjoyed by all.


Christmas Celebration

Christmas preparation and celebration began weeks in advance as the children made ornaments for the tree and decorated it little by little every day. On the day of the celebration, children came dressed in red, white and green. There was a Christmas fair where children played games after which Santa Claus came to school to dance, sing Christmas carols and gave gifts to them. The children were very excited and happy.


Republic Day

Republic day celebrations were eagerly anticipated by all as the children came dressed as freedom fighters/ leaders/ politicians of their choice. We had Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Chacha Nehru, Rani Lakshmibai, Sarojini Naidu and Bal Thackeray to name a few. It was an exciting celebration which commenced with the hoisting of the flag, singing the National anthem, followed by the children's fancy dress performance and last but not the least, performances by the children, teachers and caregivers. It was an educative, entertaining and exciting day for all.


School Picnic

The annual school picnic to Sanjay Gandhi National Park was held in the month of February and it is a day that is everyone waits for with enthusiasm and excitement. The picnic was planned and organised by Aaba Saheb (Mr. Ramesh Deo) and our director Mr Ajinkya Deo. The children sang songs in the bus, on their way to the park where they were taken for the lion and tiger safari. Just being in the park, in the midst of nature was very relaxing and therapeutic for the children. The safari was followed by a sumptuous lunch after which the children relaxed in tents for a while. The children enjoyed the train ride and went home exhausted but euphoric.




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