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An Individualized Education Plan, also called the IEP, is developed for each child in the school. It is created through team effort and reviewed periodically. It takes into account the needs of the child, his / her skill sets and areas of interest. The IEP is a combination of group and individual activities and all the therapies and programs available in the school.



Pratham is an innovative learning organization created to improve the quality of education in India. As one of the largest non-governmental organizations in the country, Pratham focuses on high-quality, low-cost, and replicable interventions to address gaps in the education system.


The school follows the curriculum mentioned by Pratham. There are three levels:

  • Level A: equivalent to 3rd grade

  • Level B; equivalent to 5th grade

  • Level C; equivalent to 8th grade


The examinations will be held by Pratham & NIOS board which will analyse the basic knowledge of the concepts.



The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is a national board that follows an open school format to increase literacy and provide education for all. The curriculum is made to suit the children’s ability, skillset and areas of interest. The NIOS board is government authorised and it is recognised by all universities and educational institutions across India. The school helps train students to appear for the NIOS examinations.


Reading Program

Students are taught reading with the help of flash cards. The reading program also helps develop the visual pathway. After a few months at the school, most children learn to read even though they may still be non-verbal.





Math Program

The Math program starts with quantity recognition. Basic concepts like addition and subtraction are also taught through quantities. The dot cards used for this program also help to develop the visual pathway.





Knowledge development program

Different concepts are introduced to the children throughout the year. Knowledge development is also done with the help of picture cards.


Academy of Learning and Development - A project for 'special children' by Sushilabai Nanasaheb Deo Charitable Trust.